NEW – “Agreements” – Subscriptions, Retainers & More

New features added to SwiftClock Time Billing System

Track hourly billing, hourly workers, and even agency-style pass-through billing

We’ve just added phase 1 of 2 of a very powerful new feature called “Agreements”, which allows you to track

  • Incoming $$ – Clients & Customers
    • Hourly Post-Billing (hourly billing with post-paid invoicing)
    • Hourly against retainer (attorney billing, designer, developers, etc.) against retainer which gets depleted
    • Flat Rate Milestone (typical for construction and contractors, for example)
    • Flat Rate Post Billing (this is typical for auto mechanics for example)
    • Flat Rate Pre-Paid (typical for heavy industry)
    • Weekly Draw (typical for contract sales people, i.e. draw against commission)
    • Monthly Draw (against commission or any future earnings)
    • Subscription Monthly
    • Subscription Annual
  • Outgoing / Payables / Staff
    • Same as above – but tracking outflow.. use this to track not just staff, but your own projected expenses like rent or mortgage and more
  • Pass-Through Billing (for Agencies). (Paid / Pro accounts only)
    • This incredibly powerful system allows anyone to instantly set up an agency, law firm, design or marketing agency, and more. You can set up a pay rate on an employee (i.e. $10/hour, paid to the minute) different than bill-rate ($20/hr, rounded up to nearest 6 minute (1/10th of an hour) increment) – then the worker clocks time for that client directly, and you collect the difference. SwiftBooks can (in part 2 of this project) aggregate multiple workers together over any specified time period and generate an invoice seroquel medication.

If you bill for time, we believe there’s no better system than SwiftClock and SwiftBooks. Try it and find out for yourself!